Yoga Nidra

  • Learn to relax consciously & remain completely aware
  • Relieve symptoms of Stress, Anxiety, Depression & frustration
  • Rebalance the Autonomic Nervous System
  • Achieve a deeper physiological rest

“Peace can only be found within, never without”

What is it?

Yoga Nidra is a state of dynamic sleep, a powerful technique where you learn to relax consciously & remain completely aware.

Why Yoga Nidra?

Life involves exercise, this creates muscular tension. Relationships, family life, friendships  are all part of daily life, creating sometimes deep emotional  rooted tension which is often not expressed openly or freely or might be completely repressed. These tensions do not release through sleep or relaxation. The mind can be a whirlpool of fantasies, confusions, oscillations which accumulate in the mental body. When we are sad, angry or irritated we might attribute this to a superficial cause. The underlying cause lies in accumulated tensions on the mental plane. In short, life & its situations can leave us tense.

Most people in today’s world find it extremely difficult to slow down, relax & unwind even when we get an opportunity to. Relaxing can involve reaching for coffee/technology or some kind of outside stimulus which very often creates the opposite effect and can lead to more stress. It is widely known that stress is a huge concern for most people in today’s fast changing world. In US & Australia Yoga Nidra is now prescribed by doctors as both a preventative & curative therapy for symptoms such as palpitations, anxiety, anger, depression, frustration which all occur as part of the stress response in the body. This stress response elevates heart rate, heightens blood pressure, creates skeletal muscle tension & increases cortisone & adrenaline levels in the blood. In the longer term this creates an imbalance in the autonomic nervous system.

“The yogic texts all unequivocally state that peace can only be found within, never without”. (1)

With regular practice balance can be restored to the autonomic nervous system. During YN, the essential organs and systems of the body attain a deep physiological rest & the bodys own powerful inherent regenerative mechanisms are allowed to flourish, support for our journey through life.


  1. Yoga Nidra – Swami Satyananda Saraswati

What happens in a session

During a session, the person will lie comfortably and follow a personal guided deep relaxation mediation called Yoga Nidra. This sessions will be recorded so that the person can listen to in the comfort of their own home. You will be recommended to listen to this recording 1-2 times a week. This can be done anytime during the day or use it for a relaxation as you drift off to sleep at night.