At times we wished we had done things differently or why did we not deal with things sooner Anxiety - Neurofeedback - Kinesiologyinstead of letting it drag on and on. Anxiety, Stress, why did I let things go so far? At times we can let it build up so much that we can see no way out, I know, I have been there. I let Anxiety control my life for nearly 24 years. I thought I would grow out of it…but I did not.

What happened? I lost confidence in myself, I lost friendships, I lost job opportunities, I lost many life experiences growing up. Bottom line……I lost many years of my life that I cannot get back.

Something happens in a person’s life that’s yelling out to them “this cannot go on anymore”!. Action needs to be taken before our whole life passes us by. This smack in the face, could be having an anxiety attack when out with a group of friends, being so overwhelmed by a simple mundane task that needs to be done, loosing days of work due to panic attacks about working with somebody, getting so stressed that headaches/migraines are a daily occurrence.

These seem like simple things and for people who don’t have anxiety or are under stress, they are. They just get on with things in their life and take things in their stride. And this is how it can be for people dealing with Anxiety or Stress. People can turn their life around and live a happier and healthier life.

A former Anxiety client commented: ” I feel like my life has started over again, I’m doing things I dreaded before”.

Taking that first step in dealing with issues in a person’s life can be the toughest thing to do. Why? For me it was accepting that I needed help and telling somebody else what’s going on in my life. Once I did that, it opened the door for me to a better life. This is how it can be for anybody with Anxiety. It’s just a matter of finding that key to open that first door.

We can all do small little things on a daily bases to help our body to cope a bit better with Anxiety. Taking a good quality B-complex vitamin will help our bodies to cope better to handle stress or anxiety. Taking as little as 10 minutes a few times a week to meditate can help a person to feel more calm. There are multiple apps available that people use like “Headspace” to help with meditation. Taking a good quality probiotic on a daily basis can help to improve the immune system and cope better with daily stresses.

A healthy body, A healthy mind, A healthy Life!

Best Wishes,

Michael Mulcahy

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