When I initially approached Michael at the end of August 2019, to enquire if his Neuroptimal Neurofeedback brain training system could help my daughter, I was quite desperate. For some years she had been struggling with crippling anxiety, difficulty sleeping and concentrating, combined with issues around eating.

Having completed 16 sessions with Michael, the changes we see in Suzy are phenomenal. She is sleeping and eating normally and her grades at school reflect her ability to settle and concentrate. She has a sense of purpose, enthusiasm and optimism for life. In short, we have our daughter back. I can’t thank Michael enough and I wish him well in helping others.

Warm regards,

Terry, Cork

I decided to give Neurofeedback a go, as I was very low in confidence and used to get extremely stressed about trivial everyday stuff. I did approximately 25 sessions with Micheal and found that my confidence and resilience improved noticeably from when I started. In my experience Neurofeedback is a useful tool in improving your mental health.

Tom, Cork

My son JP was diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome along with ADHD and ADD. JP was struggling with his emotions, his social activity and mostly his behaviour. Every day was like walking on egg shells wondering what would trigger JP, where he would physically lash out at me, other people or objects. He broke 3 televisions in the space of 6 months whilst having a meltdown.

I used to describe this as JP in the red mist, it was when he couldn’t control his actions and it was not only scary for me but very scary for JP.

Since attending sessions with Michael, the red mist has faded. JP is able to discuss how he is feeling and rather than lash out he calms himself down. He is able to attend a full day at school which until meeting Michael he was only doing 2 hours of a full day in senior infants.

JP has made friends and his focus in school had meant that he is now integrating from his ASD unit to mainstream class for a certain length of the day and from September on he has been given the probability of being in mainstream full time.

I don’t believe this would have been achieved in such a short period of time had JP not attended his sessions with Micheal. I have my loving boy back and that alone is worth more to me than anything.

Liz Cork

Hi Michael, just a quick few lines to thank you for your help with my pains and aches. I feel great since I finished our sessions. A vast improvement in the quality of my life. I am able to do things I haven’t for years and thank you for being so professional, yet welcoming and friendly and understanding.

I would and do recommend you to anyone.

John, Tipperary.

Since I started my Kinesiology sessions I noticed a lot of improvement in my physical and mental health. I started 6 months ago and I feel so much healthier and aware of what’s going on with my body.

A lovely person to talk to, he will make you feel 100% comfortable and relaxed whatever problem you’re dealing with.

Celeste, Cork.

I attended Michael’s Clinic for Sinus issues. Michael used both Kinesiology and NES Health Bioenergetics programme to help with the Sinus issues. The results are my Sinuses have vastly improved and my overall health has improved tremendously. My  mental clarity has  also vastly improved.

I would highly recommend Michael as he is both forward thinking and very professional. He is also genuinely interested in helping the client to achieve excellent health.

Trish, Cork.

Before I started the NES Health BioEnergetics programme at ChangingLives Wellness, my energy levels were at an all-time low. I had no motivation and I struggled desperately with time-keeping. Having been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia more than 10 years previously, I assumed this was a progression of the disorder combined with middle-age fatigue and the stress and demands of family life, parenthood and work.

Since starting the programme in June this year, and taking the suggested remedies over the past 3 months, I have experienced a huge revival. The boost in energy came within the first 2 weeks of the programme and my motivation returned quickly as a result. These changes have given me a mental clarity and emotional resilience that I never knew I had. Family relationships have improved almost as a side-effect of my positivity and I have renewed confidence in myself in all areas of my life. I would highly recommend the NES Health BioEnergetics programme with Michael.

Lillian, Tipperary

Charlie has been diagnosed with Aspergers and ADHD. Before starting him on Michael’s programme, he was having difficulty concentrating in school and following daily routines both of which were causing him anxiety. He was doing well in school but finding it increasingly difficult to complete tests. Charlie also had social anxiety for most of his time in Primary School, which often held him back from participating in sports or clubs – he wanted to join in but couldn’t. Sometimes this left him feeling very emotional without knowing why.
Hearing about the programme came just at the right time for us and Charlie completed level one during the school holidays at the end of Primary School. From early on in the course Charlie told us that he felt very relaxed at the end of each session and at family gatherings over the summer people commented on how much more confident & social he had become.
The transition to Secondary School has been easier on Charlie than we could ever have imagined, his concentration in class is much better and every evening he tells us about his day and how much he’s enjoying school. He’s making new friends and is enjoying school sports. Charlie is much more confident and carefree and we can’t thank Michael enough for that. We would happily recommend this programme and Charlie himself has said it’s had such a great impact on his life that he would recommend it to any of his friends who were struggling.

Mum Lillian, Tipperary

I was suffering from burnout when I went to Michael. I was feeling depressed and could not sleep. Even after one session of Neuroptimal Neurofeedback training I could feel the cloud lifting. Having now had ten sessions I feel so much better, no depression and sleeping really well. Michael is such a kind and compassionate person and I am very grateful to him.

Shirley, Cork

I feel so fortunate to have found Michael’s ChangingLives Programme. It truly is a life-changing and transformational programme. I am in my mid 30’s and have had a pattern of anxiety and depression since my teens. I found school really stressful and that meant I was hypervalent and anxious growing up. I have tried many different therapies over the years to help my nervous system and overall health. They have all helped but I still experienced underlying anxiety. Before meeting Michael I was feeling really burnt out and depressed. My sleep was terrible. It took only a few sessions to feel a lift in my mood and energy. My sleep improved so much also. Now that I have completed Michael’s programme I am feeling better than ever. I feel like my anxiety and overthinking has seamlessly dissipated, which feels so freeing.

Alison, Cork

My 5 year old daughter has just completed the first programme with Michael. She so looked forward every week going to see Michael and enjoyed her sessions.

Maria’s expressive and receptive language before starting was possibly behind by 18 months, but in the last two months her language has just exploded. I felt it was all in there but just needed that extra help from Neurofeedback to bring it to the surface.

She has now gained the verbal skills and confidence to speak up in a group situation.

Her imagery play has just taken off. It’s unreal to hear her having full conversations between her toys, Peppa and George.

We were so pleased with the results that we penciled in extra appointments over the summer.

I would highly recommend this non-invasive programme to anybody.

Mum Carol, Cork

20 month old boy diagnosed with seizures

My 22 month old son, who suffers from developmental delay due to seizures, began Neurofeedback sessions with Michael earlier this year.  The changes in him have been incredible to see from week to week.  He started reaching developmental milestones I thought I would never see.  The most noticeable change was in his presence and awareness of his surroundings, his eye contact and what I can only describe as being like a light had been switched on in him.  His random movements became much more controlled and intentional.  His focus and recognition are hugely changed. It was one of the best decisions I’ve made for my son to undertake Neurofeedback with Michael at ChangingLives Wellness.

Mum Noreen, Cork

Following testimonial from a person on the ChangingLives programme, who suffered a brain injury from a bike accident

On 22nd Feb 2017 I had a fall of my bicycle. I sustained a head injury (swelling on the left hand side of the brain) and a severe concussion. I had a loss of consciousness for 5-6 hours. As a result from my injuries, I suffered from Post-Concussion Syndrome that had a lot of side effects that I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy!

Side effects are:

Physical symptoms:                   
* Headaches                                         
* Dizziness                                           
* A feeling of sickness.                     
* Double or blurred vision.            

Emotional and behavioural symptoms:

* Being easily irritable and aggressive

* feeling anxious easily

* Personality changes

*Having sudden out bursts of emotion

Problems with mental processing (called cognitive symptoms):

* Difficulty in remembering things

All of the above I have suffered from. My main problem I had was memory loss which bought on my anxiety that I could not deal with! For example:  I could not remember a persons name that I would be working with or my neighbour that I know very well? I would be talking to that person face to face and not know their name. So I started challenging  myself by trying to remember things from years ago which made me a lot worse, so I had a lot of anxiety and panic attacks bought on by all of this. I  went to the doctor and he informed me that I was suffering from Post-concussion syndrome and that it is common with my head injury. He gave me Xanax tablets which was only helping me relax for a while and not helping my long term recovery and I did not want to go on anti-depression tablets.

I knew that I would get through this, but it would take a lot of time and patience, and I didn’t have any!
I went to see Michael. He put me through a course of Kinesiology and Neurofeedback Brain training sessions as part of the ChanginLives programme. Even after the first Kinesiology session I felt a little calmer when my memory failed me, but I knew still I had a long way to go. I went twice a week to Michael both for Kinesiology and Neurofeedback Brain training, and after at least 5 weeks I was feeling a lot better. I am now 6 months on and able to cope with my short term memory loss, and I do not suffer from anxiety anymore.

Nigel, Cork

I can highly recommend Michael. He is highly trained and and runs a very professional clinic. Kinesiology is very beneficial to all in this fast pace life we all lead. Take time to mind yourself and body. Kinesiology is great to help with energy levels, muscle pains, joint pain and creates a happy calm wellbeing within yourself, to name just a few…give it a go.

Linda Kelleher, Cork

Thanks Micheal, very helpful for increasing energy levels using the nutritional aspect of kinesiology.

Gordon Healy, Cork

20 year old girl with Down Syndrome and diagnosed with bi-polar who has completed the ConfidentCalmAdults Programme

Before Laura started theConfidentCalmAdults programme, she was diagnosed with bipolar and had also suffered with anxiety, especially if we were out and about, and we were in a situation where there was too much going on or a place was fairly busy. This in turn would lead to her having a bad meltdown, where she would scream and roar and sometimes lash out at us. Laura used never be like this, and we were never used to her behaving in this way, which made it all the more upsetting for us. It made life difficult as we did not know when she might kick off. Sometimes it might be for no apparent reason at all. Meals times were another issue, where she would eat her meals very aggressively and nearly choke and again this would lead to another screaming session and lashing out which I dreaded. We even avoided going to restaurants as I used get too stressed and anxious myself about it..

Since Laura started the ConfidentCalmAdults program, life has become a lot better. Her anxiety has improved greatly, she still gets a bit anxious but its nothing like it used to be. She’s a lot calmer in herself and we had no meltdowns with weeks. Mealtimes is much better now, no more eating aggressively and we are able to go to restaurants again. I feel  less tense and less stressed myself as a result. We still get days that might not be great, but big improvement to the way it used to be.

Mum Theresa, Cork

9 year old boy diagnosed with ASD

We started the ConfidentCalmKids programme in September 2017 and did it every week for 14 weeks. We noticed a difference from the first week. Week on week the difference was unbelievable. Our son eats, sleeps and behaves so much better. It has changed our lives. We would highly recommend the ConfidentCalmKids programme to any parents who has a child with ASD/ADHD. We have now started on level 2 of the ConfidentCalmKids programme.

Mum Kerrie, Mallow, Cork

6 year old boy diagnosed with ASD

My son Fawaz was diagnosed with ASD, with low communication, couldn’t construct a statement, no eye contact, he couldn’t express his feelings or ask for what he wants. We can tell what he likes or not, he would throw his words at us and we would have to arrange them like a jigsaw. He also struggles with frustration and stress, anything that moved around the house without telling him, would affect him. We would have to tell him things and give him time to process the words.

Ever since he started the ConfidentCalmKids programme, he has been joining his words more and making conversation, he gives me feedback from school, which he never did before the programme. He is playing more with his bother, while before he would play on his own. His lifestyle has improved and I am delighted about his progress.

I am super delighted with the outcome from level 1 of the ConfindentCalmKids programme, I can’t wait to start level 2 of the programme with him. I am so happy with the outcome, I am going to start Fawaz’s younger brother on the programme also.

Michael is very professional about handling and communicating with kids, friendly and mindful. I definitely recommend this programme to other parents.

Mum Tinuola, Glanmire, Cork

6 year old boy diagnosed with ASD

I would highly recommend the ConfidentCalmKids Autism intervention programme. My son James is 6 and we heard about the programme through a friend. From the 1st week we started to notice changes in James and his behaviour. As he progressed through the programme, he became more calm within himself. His speech became more fluent and his understanding and reasoning grew week by week. School and clubs, etc started to notice the positive changes in James, so we are delighted.

James has become more confident in social situations and meltdowns etc, have lessened. All in all, James is more relaxed and content in himself. The highlight of James weeks is heading down to Ladysbridge for his brain training as he calls it. We were so impressed with Michael and the programme, and the benefits James has achieved from level 1 of the programme, we are now on level 2 of the programme with Michael.

Mum Lisa, Cork

11 year old boy diagnosed with ASD, Sensory Processing Disorder, Auditory Processing Disorder and Anxiety

My son recently completed the ConfidentCalmKids programme level 1, with Michael. I was delighted with the results and I would definitely recommend the programme to other parents. Joey looked forward to his weekly sessions and was very comfortable and relaxed with Michael.

The main changes that I noticed:

  • Leaving the house is a lot easier
  • Joey can go to shops and knows what he wants to buy
  • He is chatting alot more and having conversations
  • Alot more understanding of situations and accepting of them
  • My wall planners are gone, I still have to plan ahead and make sure he knows what is happening everyday, but he doesn’t need the planners anymore
  • He is listening more in school and remembering what the teacher said
  • Getting along better socially with his friends and making more of an effort
  • Less time spent on Xbox
  • I have play dates organised for everday over the mid term, this would not have been possible 12 months ago
  • He is planning ahead organising go-karting with his friends in a few weeks, he would never have planned anything or asked for a trip out before
  • Little bit more confident in himself
  • He can see when other children are being mean to him, before I would have had to tell him
  • Playing a bit more sport with school

Mum Rose, Cork

8 year old boy diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder

My son Fionn is eight years of age. Fionn was diagnosed with Autism at age two. His symptoms of anxiety began around three and a half years which gradually got to a point where I had to remove him from school and home school him. Fionn at this point toe walked, self harmed – biting his knee and his wrist, had Pica and was all the time sick or constipated or both. When I started to home school him 80 percent of these stopped, what stayed with Fionn was his anxiety of babies and toddlers crying which was very hard to live with as children, toddlers and babies are every where. Fionn would hit other kids as a result of this anxiety of noise, he said it really hurt his ears.

I tried several therapies all which helped a little but his sensitivity to noise was at 90 per cent continually. Fionn started at age eight on the ConfidentCalmKids Autism Intervention Cork programme  and  he completed the level 1 of the program. The change in him is huge, it was the last piece of the puzzle for him. He is still challenged by everyday life with Autism but his sensitivity to noise is gone from 90 per cent I would say to 10 per cent. It has given Fionn a quality of life to enjoy other children and events in life, family and friends,  I could never take him too before. Reasoning with Fionn is there now, which was never there before, he would just lash out and run because the noise hurt him so much. As a result of his anxiety being lowered he can now enjoy foods he could never eat before because of  constipation. I am now happy and  Fionn is happy to go back into school confident that he can cope.

Mum Jan, Cork

7 year old boy diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder

Before my son started the ConfidentCalmKids program, his meltdowns were very bad if he didn’t get his own way, and would get angry. He also wouldn’t go to bed unless there was someone in the room with him. He would not go outdoors much to play also.

Since he started the program with Michael, it is only occasionally he has a meltdown, he is less argumentative or demanding, he is able to control his anger better. He accepts when you say no, it means no! He goes into bed himself and stays there all night. He also expresses his feelings better to us . And also goes playing outside more now . My son really enjoyed the sessions with Michael and I would recommend this program to any parent . Michael is very professional and friendly, and will help your child like he did mine, in any way he can .

Mum Gillian, Cork

11 year old boy diagnosed with High functioning Autism

Before commencing the ConfidentCalmKids Program my son found concentration on any task particularly difficult.  He also struggled with communicating his thoughts and feelings and physical feelings accurately to me. I noticed a gradual subtle improvement in all these areas. He accepts our restrictions on technology time which he would have resisted prior to this. He reads books more now and creates various movable intricate items from random lego which he would have previously restricted himself to the plans with the set.

His theory of mind has improved. He is eating very well consistently and sleeping soundly and for longer rather waking at the dawn following a sound nights sleep.  His physical pinching and hitting himself has reduced in occurrences also. He communicates his thoughts and feelings to us more often also. In conclusion, the program has shown to assist the existing structures we have in place between home and school and in my opinion is a complimentary therapy option to assist in reducing anxiety in my child diagnosed with  High functioning Autism.

Mum Marnie, Cork

7 year old boy Diagnosed with Sensory Processing Disorder

My 7 year old son has Sensory Processing disorder, for him this means he is easily overwhelmed by Noises, Smells and Touch. He also struggles with Proprioception, Vestibular and Interoception. Also as part of SPD he has Oral Sensory Defensiveness which means he only eats certain foods, usually foods that are white in colour. He gets really anxious around changes in routines and the unknown.

I became aware about the ConfidentCalmKids Program through my GP. I spoke to Michael on the phone, he emailed me information and I met with him in person before starting my son on the program. There was never any question unanswered, Michael was courteous, professional and friendly.

Through the three modalities within the program my son became more calm within himself, could transition between tasks easier, he even began to eat more food plus he tried new foods. He became more confident within himself and in social circumstances, asking children to play where he wouldn’t have done that in the past. He began to verbalise his thoughts and explain his feelings more, there were less meltdowns.

Michael is a real advocate for what he does, he believes in the holistic approach and this resonates in the way he treats his clients. When my son first started with the program he did a session of Brain training, then he incorporated Kinesiology and Primitive Reflexes. These were all simple non-evasive sessions, this was very important as my son gets overwhelmed by light touch, but he never once had a meltdown at a session or after.

Michael was amazing with my son from the first day that they met and as the sessions progressed, my son became more and more open, friendly and chatty with Michael. I know when I first heard that little sensors would have to go on my son’s head for the brain training, I was thinking oh I don’t know, my son doesn’t like anyone touching his head (hates getting his hair cut or washed), but I thought what have we to lose. After my first face to face meeting with Michael he gave me a few sensors to take home and show my son. I let my son touch them and that stood to him as he knew what was going to happen ahead of time, so it omitted some of the anxiety of a new situation and environment. Michael always explained to my son what he was going to do to him before he did anything which was really wonderful.

Michael is such a kind person and from day one he treated my son with the upmost respect. My son was happy to go every week and never once did he not want to go, that is testament to Michaels approach.

I would highly recommend the ConfidentCalmKids program to anyone who maybe wants to try an alternative type of therapy for children who are struggling with anxiety, sensory issues, have low concentration levels and poor social skills.

Mum Carol, Cork

14 year old boy diagnosed with Aspergers

Since beginning the ConfidentCalmKids program with Michael, my son has improved in areas that he previously had significant difficulties, such as communication, concentration and dealing with frustration and stress. He has always been very slow at copying things down off the board in school and has now made noticeable progress here. We have also noticed him having more confidence in himself. He has really enjoyed each session and comes away feeling very relaxed and happy.

Mum Noelle, Cork