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What we can help with:

Stress Relief



Post traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)

Digestive Issues


Pain Relief

Kinesiology Cork


Are you suffering from constant body pains, becoming easily agitated, frustrated, and moody? Having difficulty sleeping, low energy levels and difficulty relaxing? Is your judgement clouded, constantly worrying about things, headaches, tense muscles, digestive issues, frequent illness?

These are just some of the symptoms a person may have when under Stress.

A former stress client commented: “I find myself enjoying things that would have stressed me out before, and its only after I have done it I realise it” 

Fast paced lifestyle

With the fast pace development of modern technology and society, this also brings along with it major health concerns for a persons wellbeing. One of the major impacts to a persons health is Stress. There are so many possible stressors in a persons daily life. How we deal with these can dictate our health, mentally, emotionally and physically.

For people who feel overwhelmed by daily life, your not alone. There are ways to help you to cope with what life brings you. By working to make your body more resilient and robust, you can manage daily life more easily.


Anxiety can control your life. Not dealing with it can limit what you can do and even prevent you from taking opportunities that may have been presented to you. Having suffered with Anxiety for nearly 24 years, I know how this feels. We don’t want people to know that we are anxious, because it may change how people think about us or even make us more anxious, thats how it was for me.

How do I get out of this

We take the options that is easiest, avoid contact with people, don’t stand out from the crowd, avoid situations that can draw attention to you, always look for the safest place so you can make a quick exit.

Comment from mum of former anxiety client: “Her anxiety has improved greatly, she still gets a bit anxious but its nothing like it used to be.” 

Theres no let go

Your mind constantly racing about every possible scenario you could get anxious in, feeling panic or your body starts sweating, and this is even before you put yourself in that situation. Like a job meeting, bumping into somebody who wants to chat with you, on a crowed bus or train. The list can go on and on, day after day.

Thats until you do something about it and take control of your life back. This is what I had to do or my whole life would have been limited and I didn’t want to live life like that any longer.

ChangingLives Programme

The ChangingLives programme is a multi disciplinary approach to enhancing how a person functions, helping to transform their life. Reducing stress, relieving anxiety, easing theStress Relieve symptoms of depression, these are just some of the positive benefits of the programme.

The programme achieves this by combining state of the art Neurofeedback Brain training, Kinesiology and NES Health BioEnergetics Wellness System. By using a whole body approach, the person is achieving positive benefits in many areas of their life.  Click here to read more.